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Jumat, 06 Juli 2012

Finding thesis titles? Hate it!

Why is it so hard to find a suitable thesis titles in my place? I mean the lecturers are too picky about the titles. The students come over me a thousand times juts for asking the titles for his thesis, most of them are rejected more than five times. They are becoming real wild considering what titles the lecturer really get into, poor them. 

As a matter of fact, one lectures rudely said that my thesis title is a dime a dozen, or it is too easy, or it is not challenging, or that guy said, "your thesis' price is Rp.5000,- or 50 cents" a.k.a "It is so cheap! a kindergarten student can do the research with you cheap title", can you imagine how hurt it was to be blamed like that?. 
I do not know why they become so mean. I see that they seem so happy to see someone in pain, this is just may hunch after all. Do not get me wrong for this, I try to make it clear that finding a thesis titles is not that hard, but the people make it hard to do. They make you like a crazy person, they throw your thesis, they cross out your words without giving any clear explanation, or they dump your thesis like a piece of junk. Wow, what on earth is that! 

You know what happen next?, most of students get really outstanding titles, but they do not know how to work on it. "I know what to do with my old title, but now I know nothing", friends of mine said.
Well, let's look at the bright sides, they have to learn a lot from the title they get, but at the end they cannot do their research adequately. The result is not well-accepted. They become real frustrated. I really get it when they said,"I do not have any power to refuse". I wish I were them at that moment, it would be a really frustrating moment and who knows I may become a lunatic person.

Here my pray to you guys, who got stuck with your mean supervisor. You can do your best, patience is not the only thing you can do, just move on, You have a right to choose, YOU PAY FOR THE SCHOOL FEE! IT IS NOT FREE. They are supposed to do you right, they must!

May Allah Bless you all of my EFL Friends.

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